Welcome to my new critical infrastructure blog on Secure Insights

What is critical infrastructure? It’s the essential resources, services, assets and structures that help drive and support a healthy economy and society. That’s one big open answer!

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Joe Morgan, and I am the Business Development Manager for Critical Infrastructure for Axis Communications in North America. I have been involved in critical infrastructure in the United States for 34 years, and over the years, I’ve worked to understand the complexities of critical infrastructure from a process engineering and safety standpoint. In 2005 I joined FLIR Systems to develop a newly formed business unit called “Security and Surveillance” to market and sell thermal camera products to the critical infrastructure markets. It was during this time that I learned how thermal imaging and thermography could play a key role in protecting critical infrastructure facilities. I then joined Axis in June 2017 to develop business in their critical infrastructure space.

During the over three decades I’ve been working in the critical infrastructure space, the technology has changed dramatically. Some ways include: the migration of fiberscopes to video image scopes for NDT testing; the usage of remote visual inspection; the evolution of internal measurement; the development of analytics used in security applications; and most significant, the change from analog to IP, to name a few. Thirty years ago, critical infrastructure sites might have been protected by a single fence and a black and white camera with little processing power.  With today’s camera applications being developed and residing on the edge of the camera, just like iPhone apps, we will continue to see the development of innovative applications to complement the sensor’s ability to obtain an image. All of this has led me to this point in time…developing a critical infrastructure blog for Secure Insights—an outlet to share my knowledge about where this field has been and how it may continue to evolve.

When I sat down to develop the concept behind and structure of my critical infrastructure blog, I thought about how I wanted to make it different from your average blog. And I came to several conclusions. I want it to be interactive. I want users, integrators/A&E’s to feel welcomed to share their ideas, concepts, and successes and failures in a collaborative atmosphere with emphasis on how we can make the world a safer, better place. My blog will focus on application-specific problems facing our growing critical infrastructure industry, current events and trends and developing new technology available for our industry. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

I will be discussing several topics this year, one a quarter to be exact along with many applications that might require solutions. Discussion will focus on these three pillars: physical security, process security and cybersecurity security, which are all relative topics in a fast changing world in critical infrastructure. Here is how my blog process will work:

  1. I will introduce a subject matter at the beginning of each quarter.
  2. As the quarter progresses I’ll gather submitted content from end users and integrators/A&E and industry experts. These will be mini case studies if you will.
  3. The next quarter will publish my findings and discussion points, and introduce the next topic for the ensuing quarter. This should be a fairly interactive process with an open forum to share ideas. Who knows: Your next idea just might change the industry. So let’s give it a go!

The first topic I’ll write on is ground-based radar. If anyone has used or is using GBR I would love to hear from you.

Joe Morgan critical infrastructure
Joe Morgan, Business Development Manager, Critical Infrastructure – AEC Irving, Texas