Reflections on a visit to UITP Global Public Transport Summit 2023

    My colleagues and I recently visited UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Barcelona, the definitive event for the public transport sector globally. As the world’s biggest event dedicated to sustainable mobility, the summit brings together all transport modes, public transport authorities, and operators. This year’s event was the 64th edition of the UITP Global Public … Continued

      What factors should you consider for optimal video analytics performance?

      AI continues to be hailed as the technology that will augment and improve human performance in many sectors and the video surveillance industry is no exception. AI-based analytics is increasingly being used to quickly process large amounts of data and trigger actions. These functions help to support a security team when monitoring large and changing … Continued

        Cut the storage. Not the quality

        Over the past 10 years we have seen surveillance cameras deliver ever-improving image quality. Today’s cameras can feature videos with amazingly detailed resolution at high frame rates. Wide dynamic range technology enables today’s cameras to capture detailed images even in scenes with complex light, while advanced image sensors allow for high-resolution color video even in … Continued

          How can augmented reality and video surveillance work together?

          What began with daydreaming, quickly progressed to innovation, and has now reached the point of bringing certain – “what if?” scenarios to life. We are starting to see industries experience the benefits of integrating augmented reality (AR) with their video surveillance. With more use cases opening up as further AR applications come to market, now … Continued

            The emerging use cases for 5G

            I was lucky to recently join my colleagues in Dubai, where Axis has been proud to be one of the companies featured in the Swedish Pavilion at World Expo 2020. It’s been a real honor for us to be representing Swedish innovation alongside so many other great brands from the country. While I enjoyed the … Continued

              From autonomous robots to real-time personalization – the top retail trends for 2023 and beyond

              Ecommerce and online shopping have become the bedrocks of the retail industry and we’re now in the middle of a third retail shift, characterized by automation, social engagement and hyper personalization. According to a new report titled ‘Radical retail 2030’, shoppers and communities are increasingly becoming co-creators, and the physical world is merging with the … Continued