Sylvain Trompette

About Sylvain Trompette

Sylvain Trompette is responsible for developing the Access Control business at Axis in the Southern Europe Region, helping customers to find the best solutions for their needs. Sylvain has a solid expertise in Building Automation, Access Control and Video Surveillance technologies and is based in the company’s French branch. When not looking after Axis solutions, Sylvain enjoys sort fitness and sea life. A native of France, he’s fluent in English, French and Italian and he holds a second level college degree in Industrial Controls Programming in Massy Palaiseau, Paris area, France.

Posts by Sylvain Trompette:

    Access control in smart cities: improving citizens’ security and everyday life

    You often see tragedies in movies where criminals take control of a city by hacking the network and changing traffic lights to create major car incidents. Fortunately, in the real world physical access control acts as fail safe to limit the impact of these incidents, even after a network has been breached. With a growing […]

      QR codes for smart, cost-effective access control

      Have you ever thought of sending QR codes to manage the visitors and suppliers permitted to access your facility? If not, there are many good reasons to consider using QR codes as virtual credentials instead of traditional plastic cards. Cost-effective and sustainable There are a range of QR code-based access control solutions from Axis to […]