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Rodrigo Guedes is Solutions Marketing Specialist at Axis Communications for South America. With more than a decade’s experience in the IT industry, he has carried out several Business Intelligence studies in the local South American market. Since joining Axis in 2013, he’s taken up the challenge to develop marketing content for segments including Retail, Healthcare and Mining. In 2017, he received an internal award for embracing the company’s Core Values.

Posts by Rodrigo Guedes:

    Marketing research as continuous practice in Retail

    If the pre-Socratic philosopher Heraclitus sat in front of a notebook today to analyze customer flow data from a department store dashboard, he would certainly say “I told you so”. According to him, nothing is permanent except change. This ancient perspective, which highlights the ever-changing nature of things, can be verified by any retail manager […]

      Data center protection: Five fundamental steps

      Companies all over the globe rely more and more on data to improve their performance and revenue. This has made data centers crucial infrastructures, but also mouth-watering targets for cybercriminals. The increasing value of information has made data centers a prime target for nefarious intentions, from criminals stealing data for profit, to individuals wishing to […]