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Pietro Tonussi, Business Development Manager Southern Europe and Head of key market segments such as Critical Infrastructure, Retail, Banking and Logistics, has now been in Axis for over 15 years. Tonussi exploits his previously acquired knowledge and expertise in networking and network video to generate awareness and demand for Axis solutions within the Industrial Segments that he closely follows through relationships and networking with all customers, in order to have a better result compared to Axis’ objectives. His role leads him to support customers in identifying the best solutions to meet their security, video content analysis and business improvement needs. Tonussi also represents Axis in some of the industry committees such as AIPSA and ABI-OSSIF. He enjoys spending his free time with his family and he is a big tennis fan.

Posts by Pietro Tonussi:

    Safety and security in food production

    There’s a strong argument to say that food production should be regarded as much as a part of a nation’s critical industries as the provision of energy, water, healthcare and financial services. Disruption to the production of food, the potential danger this can present to consumers, and the shortages on supermarket shelves that this can […]

      Physical Security: migrating from analog to IP

      Concerns associated with migration When I’ve spoken to users about migrating from analog to IP, I’ve found they often share the same view.  They are aware that new technologies and platforms can improve their systems’ security and efficiency and  they know that the possibilities offered by analytics  could  go far beyond video surveillance.  In addition, […]