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About Pia Hantoft

Pia Hantoft is the guiding force in access control product development at Axis Communications. Pia has experience gained from several companies active within the access control industry and is based in the company’s Lund (Sweden) headquarters. She also travels often to support client projects. In her free time, Pia enjoys country life, riding horses and has competed in more than 10 obstacle course races throughout Europe. Pia has degrees both in engineer and business economics from Växjö University (Sweden).

Posts by Pia Hantoft:

    How to: Axis’ mobile access control integration

    According to a recent report from Ericsson , as of 2017 there are 4.92 billion mobile users globally. One expected upshot of this trend will see mobile-enabled workforces using smartphones and mobile devices as keys to gain access to secured buildings, rooms and areas. According to a recent report from Gartner, around 20 percent of organizations […]

      Using smartphones as keys for access control on the rise

      Mobile devices are everywhere. According to numerous sources, the number of mobile phone users alone is expected to reach over 4.7 billion in 2017. And around two out of every three business people today are using mobile devices like smartphones for an ever more diverse set of applications. What’s next? One expected trend is to […]