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About Peter Lindström

Peter is a seasoned professional in the IT and security industries. He joined Axis Communications 16 years ago as a Nordic Manager and expanded his responsibility to become the Regional Director for the Nordic, Baltic, Central Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS countries. In 2008, Peter began working with the startup of a new Axis team, the New Business Team, focusing on business opportunities outside of Axis’ core businesses. Most recently, in 2019, he was appointed the role of Executive Vice President Head of Sales, responsible for Axis’ global sales operations. Peter got his start at Lund University in Sweden, from which he holds both a University Certificate (UC) in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA).

Posts by Peter Lindström:

    Reflecting on our predictions of the macro trends affecting the sector in 2020

    Niels Bohr, the Danish Nobel Laureate in Physics, famously said, “Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future!” He was a clever man. Back in January, I published a post which looked at the broader macro trends that I thought would affect the security sector in 2020. At that point, few would have predicted the […]

      From trust to population dynamics: the broader trends affecting the security sector in 2020

      As a technology company, it’s obvious to say that we need to be highly aware of advancements and trends in technology in order to apply them in our solutions. For the past few years we have published a blog post which looks at the technology trends that will affect the security and surveillance industry over […]