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About Olof Leidecker

Olof Leidecker started his career at Axis in 2013 and is now the Global Product Manager for multisensor and ultra-high resolution cameras, as well as various new product initiatives. He is very passionate about humanizing complex technology in order to make it truly usable for everyone. Prior to joining Axis, he was the Product Manager for smart watches at Sony. When he is not working, Olof enjoys adrenalin inducing sports and spending time with his family.

Posts by Olof Leidecker:

    Panoramic cameras: A practical way to reduce TCO

    There is a current, rising trend for organizations updating their systems to replace multiple fixed cameras with fewer panoramic cameras that cover the same area. This is because they can offer many cost savings without compromising on image quality, meaning the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the devices over the solution’s lifespan is significantly […]

      How panoramic cameras help reduce blind spots

      Cameras form the basis of any surveillance system. In some cases, specific cameras cannot always cover a whole area and it is necessary to acquire several cameras to have a good overview. This can rapidly increase the overall cost of an installation and budgetary constraints may lead to a compromise being made on the quality […]