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Marcus Filipsson, Marketing Manager Special Projects at Axis Communications, joined the company in 2006. After holding various positions within Product and Solution Marketing, Marcus is since 2016 responsible for special marketing projects relating to Axis’ strategic focus areas. In his spare time, Marcus enjoys travelling and supporting his children in gymnastics and floor hockey competitions. Prior to Axis, Marcus has held technology and marketing related positions at Lund University, Telelogic (IBM), and at various business-to-business advertising agencies. Marcus Filipsson has a Master of Science in Computer Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, and a degree in Marketing Management from the EFL Executive Foundation Program at Lund University, Sweden.

Posts by Marcus Filipsson:

    Reducing the costs of video surveillance

    It’s an obvious thing to say, but there isn’t a business anywhere which doesn’t have an interest in reducing costs wherever possible, without negatively impacting performance. When it comes to security, of course, any efforts to control costs must be balanced finely against the potential effect on the organisation’s exposure to risk. Video surveillance – […]

      Delivering predictability in total cost of ownership

      In a recent total cost of ownership (TCO) study, we showed that about a third of the total cost for the referenced video surveillance system incurred during the operational stages. In fact, studies from other IT industries show that the operating costs can be as much as 80% of the total lifecycle cost. While it […]