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Magnus Zederfeldt is Director Business Development Audio Solutions at Axis Communications, focused on driving the strategic growth of Axis audio solutions business globally. Previous to the current role Magnus was the Regional Director in South Asia & Pacific for Axis, based in Singapore. Magnus joined Axis in 2008 and has taken on several management roles at both regional and global level. Together with previous management experiences from Johns Manville, Anoto and Ericsson Mobile Communications. Magnus has extensive experience in international business and an affinity for working with different cultures around the globe. In his spare time, Magnus plays bass guitar in a soul band and tinkers with a vintage Volkswagen Beetle convertible. He has also developed a taste for Indian food.

Posts by Magnus Zederfeldt:

    Deterring incidents with audio talk down

    Video surveillance systems are traditionally used as forensic tools to investigate and provide proof after incidents, but what if you can use your surveillance system to proactively deter incidents before they happen? Warnings issued either automatically or manually – known as audio talk down – can be a highly effective enhancement to video surveillance. Network […]

      Comparing analog and network audio: Which option is right for you?

      There’s a common assumption that digital is always better than analog. As the world around us changes and becomes more connected, the possibilities for network devices and their uses is continuing to expand. One area that is growing rapidly is network audio, but just because you can connect something, do you really need to? Knowing […]