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Kristina has many years experience in marketing and communications. She is Communication Manager for Axis in Northern Europe and is dividing her time between the UK and the Nordics sales offices. The power of the written word fascinates her and how to use different communication channels to reach the right audience with the right messages is a subject that interests her immensely. Kristina is the editor of the Axis regional partner magazine #AxisInnovates and she is dividing her time between Axis Nordic head office and Axis UK office. She loves travelling, meeting people and experience cultures. History is a passion, the older the better and the two teenagers of her family has suffered many hours at museums and historical sights.

Posts by Kristina Tullberg:

    Is the concern unjustified?

    A Swedish perspective on personal privacy The general public does not consider the use of security cameras on streets and market squares as an intrusion on their personal privacy. On the other hand, clearer regulatory frameworks and procedures for managing video material and camera surveillance are sought. This is shown by a survey conducted in […]