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John Allen is Axis' Business Development Manager for Access Control, covering all of Northern Europe, including UK, Ireland and the Nordic countries. John is active and very keen on sports, however maybe more watching than participating these days, but am a keen walker. John also read a lot – work related articles but also history books, and listen to a lot of music and podcasts. He enjoy helping out with the grandchildren and putting in the DIY effort, with another house to refurbish and gardens to sort out. Life is busy and wonderful.

Posts by John Allen:

    Preventing intruder access at the front door; halting hacker access at the back

    The rapid evolution of access control technology, specifically its shift from a closed, proprietary system to an open, IP based architecture, has unlocked a new set of possibilities for end users. Modern access systems offer open communications architecture, designed to allow access controllers to be deployed as IoT devices. The benefits are obvious; Access control […]

      Opening new doors with IP access control

      The access control market is changing. It’s recently been reported that in 2017, for the second consecutive year, access control technology was the fastest growing sector in the global physical security industry, now accounting for 24% of the entire market[1]. This upwards trend, which is expected to continue in 2018, has been attributed to the […]