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Johan is Mr Retail at Axis. His job is to think about how the company works with the retail sector globally. Prior to Axis, Johan was VP of Marketing at Ericsson Technology Licensing, specifically focused on Bluetooth, which he helped to pioneer. He has also worked at ABB Automation and holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from University of Lund, Sweden.

Posts by Johan Åkesson:

    Welcome to the Little Shop of Surveillance Horrors!

    Managers and owners of shops are incredibly busy people, with multiple tasks to manage: making customers happy, keeping shelves stocked with products, managing staff, reducing and preventing loss…the list is almost endless. While in many stores video surveillance is in place, its ongoing management might not be a priority. And this can be costly when […]

      Retail safety & security: Using surveillance beyond loss prevention and customer service

      We’ve spoken about how surveillance can be used for loss prevention, customer experience and operational efficiency in retail, but have you considered how it can be applied to safety and security in the new retail environment? The face of bricks and mortar retail is changing. There are now less people on the ground and more […]