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About Jens Strinsjö

Segment Lead for Smart Cities at Axis in Northern Europe. Jens works with smart city stakeholders in various market segments and associations. Prior to joining Axis in 2017, he worked in the IT-industry with cloud solutions and holds a Master of Science in Business Development. In his spare-time, Jens enjoys travelling and kayaking.

Posts by Jens Strinsjö:

    Sustainability: Leading by example

    Sustainability is perhaps one of the most talked about topics across industry today. The negative impact that we, as individuals as well as corporations, are having on our world understandably stirs up a lot of feelings and emotions. Governments worldwide have a duty to increase awareness and work to reduce the impact that modern living […]

      Using video analytics to drive sustainability in business

      The growth in the sophistication of video analytics brings the opportunity to apply surveillance equipment beyond security and into business intelligence and decision-making. The insight provided into business operations has multiple applications, leading to significant potential cost savings and the promotion of sustainable business practices. A group of students from Aalto University in Helsinki used […]