About Daren Lang

Daren Lang has spent over 25 years in the electronic security industry and has overseen many major developments in this sector, not least of which the transition from analogue to digital and has worked at Axis Communications for 13 years. Daren leads a team focussed on Axis global partners and large end customers for the Northern Europe region, concentrating on key market segments including retail, transportation, critical infrastructure and smart places.

Posts by Daren Lang:

    Frictionless Access Control, what it is and what it could be

    Frictionless There is a growing debate around the application of non-contact physical security – ‘frictionless’ as it is being described. The reasoning includes the quicker processing of people, securely, into and out of managed buildings and places, as well as the emerging requirement for distancing and avoiding contact with surfaces – keypads being a good […]

      Sustainability: Leading by example

      Sustainability is perhaps one of the most talked about topics across industry today. The negative impact that we, as individuals as well as corporations, are having on our world understandably stirs up a lot of feelings and emotions. Governments worldwide have a duty to increase awareness and work to reduce the impact that modern living […]