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A marketing manager with a university degree in biology makes total sense for Barbara Johansson who is responsible for healthcare and education marketing at Axis. As a mother of three herself, Barbara is passionate about keeping kids safe and improving quality of care. With over ten years of partner marketing experience at Axis, Barbara’s had the privilege of working with some truly amazing people from partner companies around the world. Her global experience spans over 20 years and three continents, working with various IT and telecom companies in Sweden, Hong Kong and her native USA.

Posts by Barbara Johansson:

    A camera for every patient bed

    The statistics are alarming A study published in the Journal of Hospital Medicine revealed that the median response time to potentially critical alarms in a pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) is in excess of three minutes and almost 10 minutes on the pediatric ward. If these alarms were signaling a severe deterioration of patient health, […]

      School safety experts weigh-in on lockdown solutions

      Increasingly, schools world-wide are “locking down” in response to personal safety threats. Threats ranging from medical emergencies, irate parents, and gangs in the community, to more serious active assailant threats. Threats from individuals who use weapons – guns, knives, explosives, acids, and even vehicles – to inflict deadly physical force on others. Sadly, their targets […]

        Studying up on school safety

        Traditional video surveillance is an extremely useful investigative tool – after an incident has occurred. Unfortunately, by then, school property may have already been damaged, valuable supplies and equipment gone missing, or a student or teacher victimized. Today’s video technology – when integrated with video analytics, audio, and access control -better prepares schools to mitigate […]