Understanding the options and costs of airport perimeter protection

It is no surprise that having robust perimeter protection to avoid threats of intrusion is a top priority for airports. A new whitepaper from Axis, Perimeter protection for airports with intelligent
video surveillance. Reflections on the service rendered and the return on investment, looks at the options available to airports for increasing detection and preventing intrusion in the most cost efficient way.

Addressing the challenges of airport perimeter protection

The nature of airfields mean that, to cover all entry points, surveillance is needed at all times over a wide area that is often exposed to all weather conditions, wildlife and varying light conditions. While traditional perimeter protection methods such as fences and sensors offer a good foundation for aerodrome perimeter protection, they are not perfect. They are prone to detecting and raising false alarms triggered by animals or windy conditions. The lack of visibility with some legacy solutions can lead to every alarm needing to be examined at the potential incident site, stretching security teams resources and increasing the risk of them missing a real security breach due to a lack of personnel available to investigate.

To combat these unique issues, new, intelligent surveillance solutions, such as thermal cameras and analytics that analyze video in real-time to protect an area 24/7, can be used in conjunction with traditional security measures to augment a high-security, highly-reliable and high-performance overall perimeter protection solution.

Implementing a more efficient solution will reduce the airport’s total cost of ownership (TCO) over time. To work out the exact savings an airport could recoup, both a desk study and an on-site visit are required to establish the equipment needed to enable a heightened perimeter protection solution and define the installation cost.

To find out more about how to calculate the potential cost savings that could be made as well as the solutions available to enhance airport security, download a copy of the free whitepaper about perimeter protection.

Perimeter protection white paper