Understanding the options and costs of airport perimeter protection

It is no surprise that having robust perimeter protection to mitigate against the threat of intrusion is a top priority for airports. In an updated whitepaper, we review some of the technical options available to airports to effectively deter and detect perimeter intrusion in the most cost-efficient way.

Addressing the challenges of airport perimeter protection

Owing to the expansive nature of airfields, a robust video surveillance system is required to cover all possible points of entry. A system that is durable enough to withstand the relatively hostile environment including harsh weather conditions and even wildlife, with the imaging capability to adapt to variable light conditions. While traditional perimeter protection methods such as fences and sensors offer a good foundation for perimeter protection, they are not perfect. They are prone to a high false alarm rate triggered by animals or windy conditions. The lack of visibility with some legacy solutions means that each alarm needs to be physically investigated, stretching limited security resources and increasing the risk of missing serious security breaches.

Adding a network video-based system to traditional security measures provides highly reliable intrusion protection for your aerodrome with 24/7 remote monitoring capabilities. A combination of thermal technology and video analytics, detects and distinguishes actual intrusion risks from wildlife and other causes of false alarms. Further, security radars and PTZ cameras track movement and identify suspects. And when integrated with network speakers, pre-recorded or live messaging can be used to deter their advance.

In addition to being highly effective, a modern video-based surveillance solution is cost-effective; one that can reduce your airport’s total cost of ownership (TCO) over time. To calculate the exact savings for any specific airport requires both a desk study and an on-site visit to determine equipment needs and installation costs.

We help you get started by examining traditional perimeter protection solutions, the added value of intelligent video surveillance, and the associated costs with these systems throughout their lifecycles.

To learn more, download our updated airport perimeter protection white paper.

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