Beyond the door

When most people think about access control, they think about getting into the exterior door of a building.  But that’s just the start! Access control is expanding beyond securely providing passage through an exterior door.  Plus, access control systems both simplify and enhance day-to-day activities by expanding their reach beyond the door and connecting to other third part systems.

Once example is parking garages.  A vehicle’s license plate can be an additional credential, thanks to license plate recognition technology. So when you drive up to a gated entrance, your license plate is read and access is granted. No need to stop the car to use your card or another form of entry. It’s about convenience and efficiency. Which are keys to why parking management and tolling applications offer such strong growth potential, according to a recent Transparency Market Research report.

Think beyond the door! Think about the differing levels of access demanded within a hospital, for instance. Or those within schools, airports, prisons, power stations, retail shops and financial institutions. In fact, it is almost impossible to imagine any type of organization today which wouldn’t want to control access to different locations and devices.

Think of cabinets, lockers and draws that keep valuable assets. Think beyond your own door — connect other locations and items you would like to secure and track with access control.  A modern, integrated access control system ensures that only specific individuals will be admitted into specific sites or areas — at specific times using specific credentials.

Axis access control products — AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller and AXIS A8105-E and A8004-VE Network Video Door Stations — are designed from the ground up to be solution driven and flexible. You can read more about them here.

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