A Smarter You?

You too can get a six-pack in 30 days!
Grow a full head of hair with this miracle cream!
Earn $1000 a day from your own home – just call this number!

We all know that these kind of consumer claims never really stack up and only the gullible would fall for them. But what about when it’s your business instead?

Easy steps to start your business!
Be your own webmaster!
Learn marketing fast!
The secrets of SEO – we’ll show you how!
Spend money to make money!
Smart business solutions!

Gosh! Just stop. Let’s be honest – there are no short cuts to being smarter. No one-time offers of secret wisdom, heavily-hyped expensive gadgets or ground-breaking technology will make you smarter. The Internet of Things will not make you smarter. Even so-called Smartphones won’t.

Why? Because you already are smart. You have started your own business and either are already successful or are on your way.

What everything “smart” really does is try to get rid of some the obstacles you might have had before. But they all require one thing from you. You have to use them smart.

Small business management

As I wrote in a previous blog post – there are some big trends for small businesses this year. But the fundamentals of business haven’t changed. Business owners want to be successful. They want to make enough money to provide for themselves and their families. They want to be able to enjoy life without constantly stressing over their business.

But life isn’t ever quite so simple. There are many pressures on business owners, things that keep them awake at night. Pricing, competitors, security, safety, etc. And as a business grows, so do those challenges. Some even increase, as business owners are stretched thinner across a larger organization, even multiple locations.

Smarter loss prevention

Let’s take an example. Olivier owns a chain of franchised food and grocery convenience stores in the western suburbs of Paris. He employs 45 people across seven stores and the overall turnover is €11 million. He’s worked in retail his whole life, from weekend jobs as a teenager to his degree in Retail Management and then as a management trainee at a leading supermarket.

His main challenge is keeping each store profitable, which mainly means keeping tabs on his pricing compared to new discount supermarkets. But at the same time, he wants to reduce shoplifting to an absolute minimum. So, having an effective and reliable video surveillance system is key. And with ambitions to grow his business further, his security system needs to be able to scale up with it. But obviously Olivier can’t be everywhere at once, so the ability to check up on his stores remotely from his mobile phone frees him up to go where he is needed.

These systems might be called ‘smart’, but in the end, it’s how Olivier uses them that is the real smarts. He gets to see the bigger picture of his business, while prioritizing the security of his stores, customers and employees, without needing to get bogged down in the technical nitty gritty.

Now that’s smart.

See the film below how a manager for a movie theater uses video surveillance to oversee his business throughout a day.


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