How video technology can support the evolving urban mobility landscape

    Although there was a brief exodus from cities over the last few years, evidence suggests that residents are returning to urban centers. In fact, it’s been predicted that by 2050 the current urban population will double in size. The convenience of city life has proven to be important, but city authorities need to work hard […]

      How to support data centers on the digital transformation journey with network cameras

      Data might be the most valuable strategic resource we have, but only when it’s used effectively. Although siloed data helps keep individual systems simple, it also represents a missed opportunity. Unity of data is the key to creating truly powerful business intelligence. This integration of data and the linking together of sensors and actuators with […]

        How a single point of entry supports safe school environments

        With Covid-19 restrictions slowly being lifted and schools once again opening their doors to their communities, it is important for school security personnel to put an emphasis on ensuring our schools are not only welcoming, but also safe for all. A single point for visitor management While there are many areas that school building officials […]

          Using people counting technology to improve transport in cities

          One of the benefits of living in a modern city is the access and proximity to resources, work opportunities and entertainment. Efficient transportation plays a key role and in every city, as residents use different modes of transport to get around including walking, cycling, eScooters, cars and buses. Each mode will differ in price, convenience […]

            Firmware: To upgrade or not to upgrade?

            I recently installed a new smart home hub. After an undisclosed number of hours well spent, I got it integrated nicely with appliances throughout the house. By the time I emerged from under my duvet, roused by the daylight which flooded in when my shutters automatically opened, my coffee machine was happily bubbling away, and […]

              Safety, security, and efficiency across the logistics center

              While the significant spike in online retail volume has declined somewhat since the Covid peak, its trajectory continues to rise. In the US, at the end of last year, total e-commerce trade as a share of total retail sales reached 13%, while in the UK the current figure is more than 26%. This increase continues […]

                How increasing drone use is ushering in a new threat vector for data centers

                Drones are becoming big business. The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is predicted to see huge increases as their legitimate function within enterprise environments such as agriculture, construction, media, and law enforcement deliver significant operational benefits. But the expected growth of drones, given by one source to be as much as 67% CAGR over […]