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"Axis Communications' Academy 60 seconds" is a series of short videos explaining specific topics in just one minute. Check back regularly for new episodes!

60 seconds: Zipstream

Axis’ Zipstream technology is a video compressor that cuts your bandwidth and storage in half. Find out how!

60 seconds: Image Noise

Take a quick look at what’s actually causing image noise in digital images.

Arctic Temperature Control

Winter is coming! Learn how Axis cameras survive freezing temperatures in this one minute video from Axis Communications’ Academy.

60 seconds: Frame Rate vs Shutter Speed

In this episode of Axis Communications’ Academy 60 seconds we sort out the difference between frame rate and shutter speed, and look at the potential effect on video.

60 seconds: The Focus Assistant

60 seconds: Multicasting

AXIS Design Tool

Axis Coverage Shapes

Axis Camera Families for Autodesk® Revit®

The Zoom Factor