AXIS COMMUNICATIONS celebrates 25 years in the network business!

Milestones in the history of Axis Communications


Axis Communications was formally founded by Mikael Karlsson, Martin Gren and Keith Bloodworth. The year before, Martin Gren and Mikael Karlsson founded the company Gren & Karlsson Firmware.

Martin Gren & Mikael Karlsson
Martin Gren & Mikael Karlsson


Axis first customer is Cardo, the Swedish sugar company. At this time the indirect sales model is established where Axis never bypasses its channels.


First company to introduce a RISC processor with built-in IBM mainframe 3270 coax and AS/400 midrange 5250 compatible communications, the CGA-1.


First company to introduce a pocket-sized IBM 3270 and 5250 protocol converter, the AX-7 Cobra and AX-3 Cobra.
Axis establishes an office in Boston, US.


Support for printing using local area Networks over Ethernet using TCP/IP in the Axis AX-5.
AX-5 Ethernet Print Server
AX-5 Ethernet Print Server


First company to introduce a multi-protocol print server with TCP/IP and NetWare.
Axis establishes an office in Tokyo, Japan.


Axis changes strategy and shifts all R&D focus from IBM mainframes to networking, with TCP/IP being the cornerstone. Axis begins selling through volume distribution.
Axis establishes an office in Hong Kong.


Release of the ETRAX 1, the world's first 32-bit RISC processor with on-chip Ethernet and Token Ring controllers.
Award: Best Print Server – by Byte Magazine for the NPS 550 RISC.
First company to introduce a pocket-sized network print server, the NPS 530.


Several awards for Axis’ print products including PC Magazine Editors’ Choice.


First company to introduce a file server independent, multi-protocol CD-ROM server, supporting TCP/IP (NFS) and Windows (SMB), for Ethernet networks, the AXIS 850.
Axis establishes an office in Singapore.


First company to introduce a network camera, the AXIS 200 Network Camera.
Axis establishes offices in Paris, France, Taipei, Taiwan and in Shanghai, China.
AXIS NetEye 200 Network Camera


First company to offer a CD-ROM server with native support for NetWare Directory Services (NDS).
Axis establishes an office in London, UK, and in Seoul, Korea.


First company to introduce a Network Document Server that enables paper-based information to be easily scanned and sent by e-mail. Axis establishes offices in Munich, Germany and in Sydney, Australia.


Introduction of the world’s most popular network camera for five consecutive years, the AXIS 2100 Network Camera. Axis is the first company to use embedded Linux in a volume product.
AXIS 2100
AXIS 2100 Network Camera


Award: International Award by Swedish security magazine Detektor for the AXIS 2120 Network Camera.
Axis establishes offices in Madrid, Spain, Torino, Italy and in Rotterdam, Netherlands.


Release of the chip ETRAX 100LX.
Market research firm Frost & Sullivan recognizes Axis Communications as the leader in the global network camera and video server market.


Axis switches focus again, this time focusing on professional network video.


Product Achievement Award for Digital Video for the AXIS 2130 PTZ Network Camera, selected by a panel of the security industry during the SIA New Product Showcase at the ISC EXPO in Las Vegas.
Axis receives the award "Best Places to Work" in Sweden in the category for Diversity.
AXIS 2130 PTZ Network Camera
AXIS 2130 PTZ Network Camera


AXIS 206 Network Camera - the smallest network camera in the world.
Axis 206
AXIS 206 Network Camera

Axis stays ahead – IMS Research recognizes Axis as the clear market leader in the fastgrowing EMEA network video market. Axis introduces MPEG-4 compression in its products.


Frost & Sullivan ranks Axis as the definitive market leader in both the global network camera market and the global video server market. Introduction of the Axis 20x series – still the world's smallest network cameras.


Axis establishes new offices in Johannesburg, South Africa and in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


More than 1,000,000 Axis network cameras are installed in security installations around the world.

One million
Axis establishes a new office in Bangalore, India.


Launch of a new product generation of network video products which are based on an in-house developed chip - ARTPEC-3 with associated software and H.264. Axis Q1755
AXIS Q1755 Network Camera

The global market research analyst IMS Research ranks Axis as the market leader in network video and in third place in the ranking of security cameras.
Axis establishes new offices in Moscow, Russia, São Paulo, Brazil and in Beijing, China.


Axis celebrates 25 years in the network business. With great experiences from network products and working in network with partners, Axis is very well prepared for the future ahead in the professional security business.
25 years

Axis world map

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