Streaming assistant

The easy way to broadcast video and audio from an Axis camera


  • Automatic camera discovery and setup
  • Supports multiple cameras
  • Support for a wide range of applications
  • Audio support
  • PTZ support

A solution for live broadcasting

AXIS Streaming Assistant is an application that makes video and audio streams from an Axis camera accessible in streaming applications such as Skype or Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder.

Easy integration with most streaming applications

When AXIS Streaming Assistant is installed on a computer, it automatically discovers any Axis product on the network. The video and audio streams from the cameras can then be used in other software applications. Most applications that can integrate external video and audio streams are supported*.

Maximum flexibility

AXIS Streaming Assistant supports streams from multiple cameras. The H.264 compression enables optimization of bandwidth by significantly reducing the bit rate.  With AXIS Streaming Assistant you can easily setup a wide range of broadcasting solutions such as live promotion from a hotel, video conferencing and real-time traffic monitoring.

* Audio streaming requires Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder or Microsoft Expression Encoder.

Free download

The latest version of this software is 2.0.3
Release notes


Supported products

AXIS Streaming Assistant is compatible with all Axis’ network cameras and video encoders.

Note: Firmware version 4.47 or higher needed.