AXIS Video Motion Detection

Reliable and installer-friendly motion detection

  • Reliable indoor and outdoor detection
  • Axis False Alarm Filtering
  • Quick installation and intuitive configuration

AXIS VMD 3 -Easy setup and false alarm filtering

AXIS VMD 3 is designed to be installer-friendly and the intuitive user interface with real time visual configurations provides an easy way to validate that the application detects objects correctly. AXIS VMD 3 is easy to set up. The intuitive user interface makes it possible to easily include as well as exclude an area. Axis False Alarm Filtering makes it possible to ignore disturbing object motion such as headlights, swaying trees and smaller animals.

Free easy-to-configure application

AXIS Video Motion Detection is a free easy-to-configure application for motion detection in low traffic areas, installable on Axis fixed network cameras and video encoders with support for AXIS Camera Application Platform.

Reliable detection

The application enables reliable detection in variable lighting conditions and works for indoor and outdoor installations such as corridors, parking lots and unattended shop areas.

Earlier releases

For those products that don’t support VMD 3 AXIS Video Motion Detection 2 is still available. AXIS Video Motion Detection 2 is based on the same reliable motion detection technology, but does not include False Alarm Filtering and visual configuration support.

VMD 4 pre-release

AXIS Camera Station now supports VMD 4 (limited to selected products only).

Full AXIS VMD 4 will be supported with the 6.50 camera firmware release, available in Q1.