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AXIS Camera Station

Optimized for easy and efficient surveillance

  • A proven video management system
  • Optimized for Axis’ network video products
  • Quick system setup and intuitive operation
  • Efficient investigation and high definition identification
  • Extensive support organization

Optimized for small- to mid-sized installations

AXIS Camera Station is the ideal solution to meet the needs for efficient surveillance of small- and midsized installations, such as retail shops, hotels, schools and manufacturing sites – a proven solution with more than 50,000 installations worldwide. It is designed to perfectly match Axis’ wide range of network video products and product features to optimize system reliability. 

Ease of operation in focus

A setup wizard with automatic camera discovery guides you through every step of the setup process. This allows the system to be up and running within minutes. AXIS Camera Station is developed with focus on ease of use and intuitive operation, ensuring that anyone can effectively manage incidents and quickly export high definition evidence.

Customer stories

Lily O'Brien's

Network cameras help with site surveillance and product quality

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Intersport Megastore Roermond

IP cameras ensure efficient store monitoring and loss prevention

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Daewoo Construction, Sheraton Incheon

Daewoo Construction turns Sheraton Incheon into first-class hotel with Axis network video solution

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Staying with our customers all the way

Axis’ strong presence in the market with local sales and support contacts worldwide and the extensive language support offered by AXIS Camera Station secures a reliable and efficient operation – We stay with our customers all the way.

Ready to buy?

AXIS Camera Station allows for easy addition of licenses for up to 100 video channels. See: License information and Hardware guidelines
Region Part numbers  
Base licenses:
  10-base 4-base
EUR 0202-002 0202-052
US 0202-004 0202-054
JP 0202-005 0202-055
DE 0202-110 0202-210
FR 0202-120 0202-220
ES 0202-130 0202-230
IT 0202-140 0202-240
20-channel upgrade license:
EUR 0202-262  
US 0202-264  
JP 0202-265  
5-channel upgrade license:
EUR 0202-012  
US 0202-014  
JP 0202-015  
1-channel upgrade license:
EUR 0202-032  
US 0202-034  
JP 0202-035  
Base licenses
  10-base: 0202-601
  4-base: 0202-600
20-channel upgrade license
5-channel upgrade license
1-channel upgrade license


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