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AXIS 2420 Network Camera & AXIS 2420-IR Sensitive


  • In-image motion detection 
  • Applications for event-triggered alarm messaging
  • Remote storage of images
  • Analog video output
  • Support for Pan/Tilt/Zoom devices
  • DC-Iris control
  • Black and white infrared sensitive version

Optional accessories:

For indoor or outdoor applications

The AXIS 2420 is the first surveillance camera to offer future-proof digital security solutions, as well as backward compatibility with traditional analog CCTV systems.

Using Motion JPEG image format, the camera guarantees high quality motion and still images at all times, regardless of the bandwidth restrictions on the network.

The AXIS 2420 connects directly to a local area network or the Internet and is all that is needed to receive high quality streaming video through a standard Web browser. To complement existing analog cameras, it can simultaneously plug into an analog surveillance system via its video output connector.

For surveillance in low light or night-time conditions, the AXIS 2420-IR Sensitive version offers black and white video using infrared technology. This is the world's first completely networked infrared-sensitive camera. Used in combination with an IR Illuminator, it offers access to high quality images 24 hours a day -- even in complete darkness.

Available without lens or complete with DC-iris lens and pod

AXIS 2420: System overview

The AXIS 2420 Network Camera integrates into analog CCTV systems as well as computer networks. To complement existing analog cameras, it can simultaneously plug into an analog surveillance system via its video output connector.

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