Web-based training

Web-based trainings
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Axis webinars are online trainings which usually last about one hour.  The presenter walks through a presentation, then opens the session up for a question and answer period.

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The webinars are held through Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro.

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Using Connect Pro:
Attending a webinar can be done using a normal web browser (requires Flash to be installed), but the visual experience can be improved by installing the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Add-in client software. The Connect Pro Add-in is available for download on Adobes website.

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If you are a new to Axis Communications, or new to the industry, these free webinars are a great tool to get you up to speed on network video as well as Axis Communications, the world leader in network video.

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Axis Webinar Presentations

Latest and Greatest Product
Stay one step ahead with the knowledge of the newest Axis products. Our Technical Trainers will take you through the details of the advancements and innovations surrounding the newest addition to Axis' product offering. In September, we will feature the AXIS P32 Series.
October 2, 2015. 12-12:30pm Eastern Time

Sales - Selling the A8004-VE
Basic Setup In this webinar, technical trainer Izzy Sharif, will show you how to bring the AXIS A8004-VE Network Video Door Station. to market. This will include selling points such as how to use, set up, and monitor the door station. Join in to learn more on selling the AXIS A8004-VE Network Video Door Station.
October 2, 2015. 2-2:30pm Eastern Time

October 2015 Webinars

ACS with the A1001
This webinar will show how to efficiently and effectively use Axis Camera Station along with the A1001 Network Door Controller. Join us and learn the best tips and tricks to use Axis efficiently.
October 5, 2015. 12-12:30pm Eastern Time
Camera Settings - Lightfinder
Lightfinder technology is more than just a sensor; this elaborate software sets the degree of filtering and sharpening to give the user the best image quality in very low light situations. Axis invites you to this presentation to learn more about this intelligent feature and the Axis products that support Lightfinder.
October 9, 2015. 12-12:30pm Eastern Time

Live View Config
Are you wondering how to edit your live view settings on your camera? Attend this webinar to learn the best ways to alter the defaults to fit your security needs.
October 12, 2015. 12-12:30pm Eastern Time
Edge Storage Options
The objective of this webinar is to highlight a type of video storage option including edge storage with SD cards to bring you and your customers ease of mind and find the best solution for a given situation. Join this webinar to learn more about using SD cards for edge storage!
October 16, 2015. 12-12:30pm Eastern Time
Retail Analytics
This webinar will review retail analytics to best fit your store! The technology that will be reviewed will be heat mapping, people counting, loss prevention and more! Join this webinar for more knowledge in the retail segment.
October 23, 2015. 12-12:30pm Eastern Time

IR Illuminators
Invisible to the naked eye, IR illuminators are ideal for greater image quality in low light situations and complete darkness while attracting little to no attention. This presentation will provide an overview of the various IR illuminator options Axis has to offer as part of the overall surveillance solution.
October 19, 2015. 12-12:30pm Eastern Time

Reducing EMI
With any size surveillance installation, electromagnetic interference (EMI) can always present a problem. All electronic devices emit electromagnetic energy that can lead to data loss, poor image quality, and malfunctions with other hardware. Attend this webinar to learn the causes of EMI and how to mitigate the issue when designing your next network video solution.
October 26, 2015. 12-12:30pm Eastern Time

Electronic Image Stabilization
A surveillance camera mounted in an exposed location such as on a high pole or a street sign near a busy road, can be shaken by winds or passing traffic, which will blur the video. Electronic Image Stabilization greatly improves these video qualities. Join this webinar to learn more!
October 30, 2015. 12-12:30pm Eastern Time

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