Web-based training

Web-based trainings
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Axis webinars are online trainings which usually last about one hour.  The presenter walks through a presentation, then opens the session up for a question and answer period.

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The webinars are held through Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro.

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For more help on how to get started, please read the general instructions to Axis webinars.

Using Connect Pro:
Attending a webinar can be done using a normal web browser (requires Flash to be installed), but the visual experience can be improved by installing the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Add-in client software. The Connect Pro Add-in is available for download on Adobes website.

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If you are a new to Axis Communications, or new to the industry, these free webinars are a great tool to get you up to speed on network video as well as Axis Communications, the world leader in network video.

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Axis Webinar Presentations

Latest and Greatest Product
Stay one step ahead with the knowledge of the newest Axis products. Our Technical Trainers will take you through the details of the advancements and innovations surrounding the newest addition to Axis' product offering. In July, we will feature the AXIS Q61 PTZ Dome Network Camera Series.
August 3, 2015. 12-12:30pm Eastern Time

July 2015 Webinars

Basic Setup
Basic Setup This new series will focus on one specific internal camera section. In July, we will spend one hour doing a deep dive learning center of the “Basic Setup" option.
July 27, 2015. 12-12:30pm Eastern Time

Mobile Viewing
During this session, you will be learning how to view cameras remotely from any mobile device. This will include tips on how to best set up your phone and why it is important to be able to view on the go!
July 31, 2015. 12-12:30pm Eastern Time

August 2015 Webinars

Behind the Camera - Monitors
During this ½ hour webinar, an Axis trainer will show how different types of monitors will impact the camera view. This issues caused by monitors will be shown in detail; you will find out how to avoid these issues in the future.
August 7, 2015. 12-12:30pm Eastern Time

Axis’ Zipstream technology analyzes and optimizes the network camera’s video stream in real time. Scenes containing interesting details are recorded in full image quality and resolution while other areas are filtered out, to optimally use available bandwidth and storage.
August 10, 2015. 12-12:30pm Eastern Time

Naming Convention
In an Axis product name, such as “AXIS P3367-VE Fixed Dome Network Camera”, the part of the name (“P3367-VE”) actually tells a story of the product’s capabilities. There is a whole science to the Axis naming convention to make it easy to find and identify the functions and features of every Axis product. Sign-up for this webinar to learn the key components you need to know to become an Axis product master!
August 14, 2015. 12-12:30pm Eastern Time

New AXIS Camera Station
In this interactive presentation you will be shown the newest features in Axis Camera Station. You will learn how to use it, how easy and efficiently it operates, and what type of support Axis will give to you.
August 17, 2015. 12-12:30pm Eastern Time

Sales - Selling the Q61
Learn about new products every month with one of our industry known sales members! In July, trainer Izzy Sharif will be hosting a webinar on selling the Q61 PTZ Dome Network Camera Series.
August 21, 2015. 12-12:30pm Eastern Time

White Balance
Axis Communications presents a ½ hour webinar showing off the white balance tool. This tool adjust the cameras overall color and can help improve an image. We will show how to operate this tool efficiently, tips and tricks on usability, and common issues and how to fix them.
August 24, 2015. 12-12:30pm Eastern Time
Shutter Speed vs. Frame Rate
This webinar will describe the difference between frame rate and shutter speed. You will learn what ratio you will need to capture a quality image for the camera you have. Join this webinar to learn more.
August 28, 2015. 12-12:30pm Eastern Time

Attending this webinar on gain will help you improve your cameras image in certain situations. We will cover how it impacts the image, what it does, and how to approach common situations.
August 31, 2015. 12-12:30pm Eastern Time

Stay tuned for more webinars coming soon


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