Monitoring a hospital’s pulse deep in the heart of Texas

Network video increases security and reduces costs at a hospital’s medical office buildings

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Network video increases security and reduces costs at a hospital’s medical office buildings
"As each day goes by, we’re finding more and more benefits of the Axis network video system. Since installing the network cameras, we’ve been able to control costs through everything from preventing dishonest claims to increasing productivity." Dan Smart, property manager for Christus Spohn Hospital MOBs.

The Mission

Christus Spohn Hospital’s medical office buildings (MOBs) in Corpus Christi, Texas needed a solution that would allow its property managers to increase security and worker productivity throughout the five buildings. The MOBs were also burdened with high costs of dishonest insurance claims from visitors who stated they were injured while on the property.

The Solution

The MOBs’ property management staff worked with Bandwidth Dynamics, a telecommunications consulting company that offers full service installations, to choose a network video surveillance system consisting of 56 Axis network cameras spread across all five buildings. The network cameras were installed by Bandwidth Dynamics both inside and outside of buildings near entrances, exits, elevators, fire escapes and parking lots. The system uses XProtect® surveillance application software which is developed by Axis application development partner Milestone Systems.

The Result

The Axis network video system enable Christus Spohn Hospital MOBs’ property management staff to continually monitor all critical areas of the buildings in real-time from their PCs. Since implementing the new system, the MOBs have already realized multiple benefits, including the ability to disprove false insurance claims, resolve employee disputes and improve worker productivity. The entire MOB staff also feels they have better overall control over each facility’s security and management.

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