Axis thermal network cameras

Reliable detection - 24 hours a day, seven days a week


Axis thermal network cameras are a perfect complement to any professional IP-Surveillance system that needs to secure an area or a perimeter in complete darkness.

Axis thermal network cameras create images based on the heat that always radiates from any object, vehicle or person. This gives the cameras the power to see through complete darkness and deliver images that allow operators to detect and act on suspicious activity – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Reliable detection as a complement

Thermal cameras are excellent for detecting people, objects and incidents in darkness and other challenging conditions. Thermal cameras do not, however, deliver images that allow reliable identification – that is why thermal cameras and conventional cameras complement and support each other in a surveillance installation.

Thermal cameras do not require any additional light sources – conventional or IR – that consume energy, create shadows and reveal their locations. And, in contrast to conventional day-and-night cameras that depend on a certain amount of near-infrared light to function, thermal cameras deliver reliable surveillance images even in complete darkness.

Enhancing any professional IP-Surveillance system

Thermal cameras can handle many difficult weather conditions better than conventional cameras, e.g. allowing operators to see through smoke, haze and dust. Thermal cameras typically also provide better accuracy in intelligent video applications.

With affordable IP-based thermal network cameras from Axis, thermal imaging is a realistic option for enhancing any professional IP-Surveillance system.

Picture taken with a network camera Picture taken with a thermal network camera
Network cameras Thermal network cameras
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