AXIS Camera Station

Optimized for easy and efficient surveillance


Supported third party solutions

View and control the cameras on your AXIS Camera Station system from your iPhone/iPad or Android phone.

iPhone/iPad EyeSpyFX iPhone/iPad viewer
EyeSpyFX Android viewer

Supported Axis network video cameras

  AXIS M10 Series

AXIS M11 Series

AXIS M2014-E

AXIS M30 Series

AXIS M31-R Series

AXIS M31-VE Series

AXIS M32 Series

AXIS M50 Series

AXIS P12 Series

AXIS P13 Series

AXIS P33 Series

AXIS P85 Series

AXIS P54 Series

AXIS P55 Series

AXIS Q87 Series

AXIS Q16 Series

AXIS Q17 Series

AXIS Q19 Series

AXIS Q60 Series

AXIS 212

AXIS 212-V

AXIS 214


Supported Axis network video encoders

  AXIS M70 Series

AXIS P72 Series

AXIS Q74 Series


Supported Axis accessories

  AXIS P8221

AXIS T8310

Physical access control

AXIS 1001


AXIS Camera Station is compatible with all devices with firmware 4.30 or higher installed. Not sure about your firmware? Please visit firmware page for version.
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