AXIS Camera Station

Optimized for easy and efficient surveillance

License information

An AXIS Camera Station software purchase includes a base license for 4 or 10 cameras (Axis network cameras or analog cameras connected to Axis video servers.) Thereafter, customers may purchase additional upgrade licenses in packs of either 1, 5 or 20. Each software supports a maximum of 100 camera licenses to be used on one computer (PC/server).

Note: An Axis Surveillance Kit always includes one separate base license. These base licenses can easily be combined with an existing AXIS Camera Station installation or with another Axis Surveillance Kit to expand your current installation.


If 18 camera licenses are required, you'll need to buy one 5-license package, and three 1-license upgrades to add to the 10-base license that can be provided in the initial software purchase. If 6 camera licenses are required, you'll need to buy two 1-license upgrades to add to the 4-base license that can be provided in the initial software purchase.)

Support license

With the initial base license is included one year free support and software upgrades for AXIS Camera Station. For access to support and upgrades after the first year has expired a yearly support license is required. A support license will grant you one year additional support and upgrade from the day when the base license or previous support license expired. 

Note: with AXIS Camera Station version 4.0 this period will start only when the new license is activated, for situations where support has already expired.


The AXIS Camera Station licenses are also available using electronic delivery. When eLicenses are ordered there will be no physical delivery. Compared with traditional software licensing, eLicensing generates savings on delivery times, delivery costs, distribution costs, storage space and environmental impact.

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