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AXIS Camera Companion


Mobile devices

Available applications from Axis' partners.

Viewing apps
Viewing cameras on the AXIS Camera Companion system from your mobile device.
iPhone/iPad BrightSentry iPhone/iPad viewer iPhone/iPad
iPhone/iPad EyeSpyFX iPhone/iPad viewer
Android EyeSpyFX Android viewer Android
PVM streaming apps
Streaming video from a camera on the AXIS Camera Companion system via your mobile device to a standard public view monitor (PVM).
iPhone/iPad EyeSpyFX PVM  iPhone/iPad

Axis network video products

AXIS Camera Companion supports the majority of Axis network cameras and video encoders with firmware 5.40 or later.

Supported products  
AXIS M1004-W Network Camera*
AXIS M1013 Network Camera
AXIS M1014 Network Camera
AXIS M1025 Network Camera
AXIS M1033-W Network Camera*
AXIS M1034-W Network Camera*
AXIS M1054 Network Camera*
AXIS M11 Network Camera Series*
AXIS M1143-L Network Camera
AXIS M1144-L Network Camera
AXIS M1145 Network Camera
AXIS M1145-L Network Camera
AXIS M2014-E Network Camera
AXIS M3004-V Network Camera
AXIS M3005-V Network Camera
AXIS M3006-V Network Camera
AXIS M3007-P Network Camera
AXIS M3007-PV Network Camera
AXIS M3014 Network Camera*
AXIS M3024-LVE Network Camera
AXIS M3025-VE Network Camera
AXIS M3026-VE Network Camera
AXIS M31-R Network Camera Series*
AXIS M31-VE Network Camera Series*
AXIS M32 Network Camera Series*
AXIS M50 Network Camera Series
AXIS M7010 Video Encoder
AXIS M7014 Video Encoder
AXIS M7016 Video Encoder
AXIS P12 Network Camera Series
AXIS P13 Network Camera Series
AXIS P14 Network Camera Series
AXIS P32 Network Camera Series
AXIS P33 Network Camera Series (AXIS P3301/04/-V *)
AXIS P39 Network Camera Series
AXIS P54 Network Camera Series
AXIS P55 Network Camera Series
AXIS P85 Network Camera Series*
AXIS P7210 Video Encoder
AXIS P7214 Video Encoder
AXIS P7216 Video Encoder
AXIS Q16 Network Camera Series
AXIS Q1765-LE Network Camera
AXIS Q17 Network Camera Series
AXIS Q19 Network Camera Series
AXIS Q32 Series
AXIS Q3505-V Network Camera
AXIS Q3505-VE Network Camera
AXIS Q60 Network Camera Series
AXIS Q7411 Video Encoder
AXIS P7224 Video Encoder*
AXIS Q7401 Video Encoder
AXIS Q7404 Video Encoder*
AXIS Q7406 Video Encoder*
AXIS Q7414 Video Encoder*
AXIS Q7424-R Video Encoder

* Note: Since these network cameras do not support SD cards, a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device is required.

SD cards

AXIS Camera Companion records video to SD/SDHC-cards in the network cameras. A 64 GB SD-card can typically store more than a month of video. There are limits for how many times you can rewrite an SD-card. Enhanced memory cards like SanDisk Extreme are better suited for demanding applications, such as professional 24/7 surveillance applications. Lower graded consumer SD cards, mainly suitable for multimedia applications, will in many cases also work just as fine, but the bigger variation in quality and durability of these cards makes them less suitable. When using the AXIS Camera Companion default settings, the lifespan of an SD-card is likely to be several years.

More details: Edge storage

Reference product Size Speed class
SanDisk Extreme SDHC-card 32 GB 10 or higher
SanDisk Extreme SDXC-card 64 GB 10 or higher

See the network camera/video encoder specification for product specific details on supported SD cards.

Network-Attached Storage (NAS)

As an alternative to local video recording to an SD/SDHC card, AXIS Camera Companion supports Network-Attached Storage (NAS) recording. This allows cameras without edge storage support to be part of an AXIS Camera Companion system, and record video to the NAS. Naturally, in such a system, the cameras do not become individual recording devices, but will require a network to function.

Reference products  System size 
QNAP TS-x21 Series up to 8 cameras 
QNAP TS-x69 Pro Series up to 16 cameras 
Synology DS214  up to 16 cameras 
Buffalo TS5200DS  up to 16 cameras 

Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS)

In locations with unreliable power, a UPS can be a good investment to ensure maximum uptime. This is particularly beneficial for an AXIS Camera Companion system that uses Power over Ethernet to power its cameras over the network, since a single UPS can then be used to secure not only the network equipment but also all the cameras in the system – a clear advantage over analog DVR-based systems.


A Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch provides power to cameras over the network, removing the need for separate power cables.

Reference products    PoE ports   LAN ports 
Netgear GS108P 4 4
Netgear FS116P 8 8


A router is typically used whenever wireless cameras are used, wireless local access is required or when remote access is enabled. Routers with Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) simplifies installation of Axis’ wireless cameras. Routers with UPnP simplify the setup of remote access to a system.

Reference product 
Netgear N300 (WNR2000)

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