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Intelligent Footfall and Occupancy measurement System that resides within Axis Cameras. Key Product Features. Real-time, bi-directional people counter sensor. Network enabled for remote and local access low power, light weight, simple interface, easy installation. Suitable for banks, retail stores, museums & Transport hubs. Viewing software with comprehensive graphs and reports (hourly, daily, monthly). Measure store performance, footfall trends, link to marketing activity, staff scheduling etc... Monitor occupancy distribution levels, identify traffic flow (heatmaps) patterns.

Traffic Scanner has been developed in collaboration with the Police Forces in Italy to provide an efficient instrument for control of the territory. Functionalities: Licence-plate recognition database. Photographic detail of every single transit in HD resolution. Recognition of ADR codes related to transports of dangerous goods. List of wanted vehicles with automatic mobile messages delivery. Access for mobile devices enabling use of the service also for road patrols. Milestone XProtect integration.

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