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Axis works with more than 800 Application Development Partners globally to ensure tightly integrated software solutions for your Axis video product.
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  • Specific for any industry segment
  • Localized for your country
  • Scalable to include any number or model of Axis video products
  • Easily integrates with your existing physical security and operating systems

Found 2 applications that matched your search criteria

Mirasys Enterprise Software and NVR's By Mirasys UK Ltd

Mirasys Enterprise Software and NVR's are a powerful, multi-server platform, supporting up to 100 recorders and 6400 cameras in one centrally managed environment. Open architecture platform, plugins such as Video Analytics and ANPR and easy integration with a number of other 3rd party security products such as Access Control. Free Mirasys spotter for iphone and android means you can be in control anytime, anywhere. With proven reliability of over 10,000 installations globally

Multi Capture V4 By SuH EDV Systeme

MultiCapture V4: The purpose of the Multi Capture V4 system is to provide an option for simultaneously recording, viewing, outputting and editing of one or more (up to 6) hybrid video and audio streams. Marker function for recording via mouse or radio button; transcript file, connection to TC-point during recording; manual synchronization during playback (video comparison); output as file (AV formats and Meta-Excel file)

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