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AXIS Camera Companion is the market’s easiest video surveillance solution for small systems from 1 to 16 cameras – perfect for retail, offices and hotels. With AXIS Camera Companion, all video is recorded on SD cards in the cameras, and no DVR or server is necessary.

AXIS Camera Station is a complete monitoring and recording system for up to 100 cameras. Installed on a standard PC, it is ideal for retail shops, hotels and schools. It offers easy installation and setup with automatic camera discovery, a powerful Configuration Wizard and efficient management of the Axis network video products in the system. The software has extensive language support.

Surveillance and recording software for closed-circuit TV based on TCP/IP nets with the ability to control and view images of IP or analog cameras connected by video servers or codifiers, as well as to record the images for later selective search and retrieval. The software has a friendly graphic interface based on Windows and display of screens, functions, menus, help windows and manuals in the chosen language.

Create a safer environment for patients with acoustic monitoring on our AM3 system. Patient status is monitored constantly, and when the noise threshold in a room is exceeded, an alarm is triggered whereby the care center will be alerted and a health care professional may listen in to determine the cause of noise. AM3 filters out background noise such as rain, passing vehicles, etc.

The purpose of the Multi Capture V4 system is to provide an option for simultaneously recording, viewing, outputting and editing of one or more Axis video and audio streams. Marker function for recording via mouse or radio button; transcript file, connection to TC-point during recording; manual synchronization during playback; output as file (AV formats and Meta-Excel file).

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