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IPS Intrusion Detection By IPS Intelligent Video Analytics (Securiton)

IPS Intrusion Detection for Axis Camera Application Platform enabled cameras and encoders is an intelligent video analytics module for real-time alerting in case of intrusion into secured outdoor areas. With its zone concept, it allows an exact friend or foe recognition. Additionally, it can be perfectly adjusted to its environment. This facilitates a reliable detection of unauthorized accesses even under difficult weather conditions. Installation and configuration is straightforward and it is suitable for outdoor applications.

IPS Sabotage Detection By IPS Intelligent Video Analytics (Securiton)

IPS Sabotage Detection for Axis Camera Application Platform enabled cameras and encoders is an intelligent video analytics module for real-time alerting in case of camera tampering attempts (covering, redirecting, spraying, blinding). It recognizes forms and positions of contours and allows the exact identification of deviations. This facilitates the immediate detection of tampering attempts, which substantially improves the reliability of video surveillance systems. Installation and configuration is straightforward and it is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

MvActivityDetection® By ACIC sa/nv

MvActivityDetection® generates alarms when specified objects enter defined areas or cross a virtual line. Constraints on object motion can be preset to detect more specific scenarios. The learning and adaptation algorithms of MvActivityDetection® are capable of handling challenging outdoor conditions like shadows or lightening effects.

MvTrafficMonitoring® By ACIC sa/nv

MvTrafficMonitoring® is a high-performance and flexible system that processes multiple lanes of traffic in many outdoor-roadway or tunnel conditions. MvTrafficMonitoring® produces real-time vehicle and traffic flow data in all traffic contexts from stopped vehicles to vehicles driving at high-speeds. MvTrafficMonitoring® performs automatic incident detection and is a cost-effective solution for road traffic monitoring and surveillance.

MvPeopleCounting® By ACIC sa/nv

MvPeopleCounting®is a video analytics application performing precise directional counting of people crossing a virtual line. MvPeopleCounting® is able to handle groups, standing persons or decipher suspicious behavior from unnatural motion. MvPeopleCounting® is not affected by lighting conditions, shadows or reflections. The visual configuration of MvPeopleCounting® is easy and fast. MvPeopleCounting® is a cost-effective solution for accurate statistics in shops, shopping malls, museums or any public places.


Netcamara Rostros is efficient real time facial recognition software, developed for applications where you need maximum security and specific civil protection by identifying persons. With its innovative technology Netcamara Rostros can compare an image of an unknown person with all the images stored in a database, and if the person is registered in the database, identify the person and the associated data. Netcamara Rostros can operate autonomously or connect with any access control device.

ARTECO 4000 By Arteco Global

Arteco 4000 is a small footprint NVR with 4 IP channel license. Additional IP channels available up to 12. Arteco 4000 includes Area Analytics on every channel designed to cover 85% of "intelligent video" applications. These applications include Violated Area and privacy mask. Is possible to manage an unlimited numbers of 4000 NVRs trought the client software ARTECO-LOGIC (included).

INS7000 Emergency Command System By Beijing VideoComm Electronics Ltd.

This software solution is a extension of INS7000 family. It bridges the security system with the videoconference system. In case of emergency which could occur in government or enterprise scope, this system is used in a videoconference in which the real time video stream of remote site can be shared digitally with all the participants. This system now supports H323 video conference MCU and endpoints together with many main stream IP video products.

SecurOS AUTO By Intelligent Security Systems (ISS) International Inc.

SecurOS AUTO is a build in module for SecurOS and provides License Plate Recognition and comparative analysis of face plates for all types of vehicles. SecurOS AUTO (LPR) provides recognition of cars plate numbers, reliably working in the wide range of external conditions, and is easily integrated into legacy security equipment, executive devices and external databases.

Redwall Event Code integration Plug-in By OPTEX Co., Ltd. (オプテックス株式会社)

The OPTEX AXIS Camera Application Platform plug-in module allows OPTEX’s IP based detection sensors to send commands directly to an Axis PTZ. The main feature makes it easy for a camera to actively move and zoom based on alarm outputs from the sensor. Other commands are supported, like triggering the camera to record, or trig output contacts that turn on lights, alarms, or send alerts.

AX-TV: Wireless HDMI video decoder for Axis network cameras By Visual Tools S.A.

AX-TV, a unique wireless accessory, enables display of up to 16 Axis network cameras on an HDMI television. AX-TV broadcasts the live streams from Axis cameras connected either to the local network or via Internet to the television, one by one or in quad views. It supports 4:3 and 16:9 formats as well as different camera resolutions, configurations of cameras and display on television are easily managed using a remote control.

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